About Us

The Organization

Sneh Social Welfare Foundation out of a deep concern for the women in distress especially the marginalized & exploited women, and children in difficult circumstances, particularly the street children & child labors living in India’s slum. Sneh Social Welfare Foundation upholds the human and social values in its commitment to the poor.

People who need help a home, an education, someone with whom to share their problems or just care and companionship. yet , having little or no money and no- one to turn to, they are often left neglected and alone so ,by providing shelters , support , counselling , and empowerment we give them a chance to live the life they deserve . One filled with hope & happiness.

Who We Are ?

We are a non-governmental organization in Delhi working for the society for the better bringing of people & the upliftment of the society members for the education & the awareness of the people in India.

What We Do ?

Sneh Social Welfare Foundation has a varied range of projects that ensure basic rights of the underprivileged population focusing mainly on the female & adolescent.

The mission of Sneh Social Welfare is to improve the quality life for the underprivileged section of the society by providing their basic rights.

Our Vision

"To be the most credible & contributing social transformation organization that promotes an equal society in India."

Our Mission

"To empower the marginalized in the society, in India & solve social challenges wherever we encounter them."

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